Monday, January 9, 2012

Adoption Day Anniversary for Jamie

Well two days from today, on 1-11-12, we will celebrate Jamie's Adoption Day 1 Year Anniversary.  We don't plan on having a party, just keeping it simple.  We will pull out his first year life book and look at all the pictures, talk about his adoption, and talk about the commitment we made to him that day.  I plan to make his favorites foods for the day, including his all time fave, pancakes for breakfast and cupcakes for dessert.

The really neat things is that we inadvertently planned to have some friends from church over for dinner that night.  It will be super fun for Jamie as they have a child his age and he loves play-dates.  But the super cool, super blessed thing about our dinner...they are coming over because they want to talk about fostering and adoption.  What a special way to honor our son on his Adoption Day.  We can hopefully inspire/encourage another family to reach out and embrace a child that is in need of a family, whether it be for a little while or forever.


  1. oh yay! happy adoption day! you sure inspired us! i can't wait to hear which family it is!

  2. such a great picture in simpler days ...

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